JFC Black Figs


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CanBech has created this new range of five sweet sauces, 100% natural, designed for the perfect pairing with each category of cheese. We have selected the most exclusive nuts, fruits and spices, importing them from the five continents in order to achieve the perfect flavor to accompany fresh, unripened cheeses, washed rind or moldy rind cheeses, hard paste and blue cheeses.

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    JFC Black Figs

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    Sweet sauce with black figs

    Australian macadamia nuts and Jamaican pepper

    The density of ripe figs, with just the right amount of sugar to avoid an overpowering sweetness, combines perfectly with blue cheeses. Added to this is the lightly roasted touch of macadamia nuts, with a smooth,

    moist creaminess, and finally the spicy contrast of Jamaican allspice, which, far from separating the combination of flavors, acts as a link, bringing together all these lingering tastes.

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    JFC Black Grape

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    Sweet sauce of black grapes

    with Majorcan sliced almonds

    These types of cheeses are characterized by a penetrating aroma, although the flavour inside is smooth and characteristic. To pair them with, we have created a sweet sauce that breaks up the cheeseā€™s particular strong lactic aromas by adding black grapes, an aqueous texture and an elegantly

    sweet flavor, which softens the slightly offensive sensation that its skin may produce. Sliced almonds from Mallorca provide a touch of crunchiness, a tasty freshness and soften the flavor of these types of cheeses, helping the most sensitive palates to enjoy them.

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    JFC Golden Apples

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    Sweet sauce of cubed caramelized Golden apples

    with tender pistachios from Turkey and cinnamon from Sri Lanka

    We have created a sweet sauce reminiscent of baked apples that confidently stands up to a cured cheese without overpowering the subtle aromas of a young cheese. To accompany these cheeses on the palate,

    we have caramelized the apple in small cubed and combined these with tender pistachios from Turkey and the ethereal aroma of cinnamon from Sri Lanka. A perfect mixture for all types of hard paste cheeses.

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    JFC Peaches & Apricots

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    Sweet sauce of peaches & apricots

    Goji berries and Guatamalan cardamom

    We searched for two textures very similar to those of vineyard peaches and apricots, subtly sweet but highly aromatic. We broke up the orange colour with the addition of Goji berries, which provide just the right

    touch of moisture with their Asiatic sweetness. The finishing touch is provided by the perfume of the Guatamalan cardamom, a Slow Food staple due to its incredibly powerful fragrance.

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    JFC Raspberries

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    Sweet jellified sauce of raspberries

    rose petals and Szechuan pepper

    To compliment their softness and clean, lactic aromas we looked for a sweet, fragrant sauce, with a similar texture that would accompany the flavor of the cheese without masking it. The combination of raspberries,

    that conserve their attractive ruby red colour, the perfume of rose petals and the personality of Szechuan pepper, added in just the right measure, results in a fine and delicate fusion.

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